Even the smallest of fires in your house can create a lot of smoke that can infiltrate all the areas in your home. You can wash the walls and furniture with disinfectants and perfume-based products, but eventually the smoke odor will reappear once the active ingredients in those products fade. However, there is an option that has been shown to work well. Smoke odors can be eliminated using an ozone generator. Here is how an ozone generator works and how to use one.

Changes Smoke Molecules

An ozone generator produces ozone molecules that interact with the molecules that produce the smoke odors. The smoke molecules undergo a structural change when introduced to ozone and the odor is eliminated. The ozone can attack smoke molecules found on furniture, walls, and even in air duct systems.

Clean Home

You need to clean all the soot and dirt from the walls, floors, furniture, and other items before you use an ozone generator. Removing fire residue helps the ozone reach the smoke molecules that have penetrated into your belongings.

Obtaining an Ozone Generator

You need to rent a commercial ozone generator to get the job done right (residential ozone generators are too small for cleaning up after a house fire). If you can't find a local store that carries ozone generators for you to rent, you can rent one online. Buying a generator is expensive and not worth the expense for a one time usage.

Operating the Generator

The generator should be placed in the middle of the room that will be treated. The ozone outlet on the generator should be facing into the air stream in the house to maximize the movement of ozone throughout the room. You can use a fan to create an air stream, or place it facing a running air conditioner or furnace supply register.

Most generators also come with a hose that you can use to direct ozone into an HVAC or furnace duct system, and get to hard to reach spots where air flow is limited.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly set the ozone level for the particular machine you are using.

Run the machine until the odors are eliminated.

Safety Considerations

Ozone at low levels is normally safe for humans and pets (unless you have bronchial problems like asthma), but you'll have to take precautions if you are going to produce high levels of ozone. You should leave the area while the ozone generator is operating to avoid irritating your mouth, lungs, throat, and eyes. You will be safe for the short time you will go in to turn the generator on and off.

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